About Us

Mission: PRX14 is committed to welcoming fitness in an environment that encourages, educates, and motivates clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our passion for fitness is fueled by our positive attitude and desire to exceed the expectations of our members and of each other.  PRX14 members have embraced this non-intimidating atmosphere and went on to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. They’ve helped others by improving the health and fitness of its members, one person at a time 14 days at a time!

Vision:  PRX14′s vision is creating total life solutions for people that involve all aspects of living well, including health, wellness, weight loss, and overall lifestyle in the community of Washington Heights. By sharing a unique and inspiring philosophy that stresses the accountability, camaraderie of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes.  PRX14 empowers people from all walks of life to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological.   PRX14 wants to break down the barriers in the fitness industry by creating affordable, friendly, state of the art facilities that welcome people of all fitness levels. Our staff, as well as other participants, are here to help each person’s fitness journey be successful, enjoyable and fun.

Our History:  PRX 14 – THE HAPPY ACCIDENT PRX 14 actually came into existence by accident. For years I’ve been told that I should enter the bodybuilding realm and without wanting to injure my body and get hooked on steroids, a new category recently opened up called men’s physique and I said to myself: “hey that would be a category I can compete in.” Me being extremely indecisive I didn’t make up my mind to compete until 2 weeks before the show, I started tweaking my eating habits, adjusting my water intake, reworking my workout regimen and with each little change I made, I saw amazing results. In the first 4 days I lost 12 lbs.

Needless to say, upon getting my body completely ripped for the competition (I should say too ripped), I competed in the competition and lost miserably. I was devastated, but from an ego crushing experience something amazing was forming with out me even knowing.

A couple days later my business partner Margie Prado reached out to me to help her achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a fitness model. Since my schedule was very busy, I really didn’t have time to help her, but I told her that if she would follow my diet to the letter, along with an extreme conditioning program for 2 weeks, I would make time to help her achieve her goals. A remarkable 30 lbs was lost in just two short weeks – a mere 14 days. And from there PRX 14 was born.

Literally, this is my gift to you.  Our loss is your gain.


Yusuf Myers has created a brand name for himself. He is rated one of the top trainers in North America. He can be found regularly in issues of Men’s Fitness magazine teaching America new exercises and how to work out safely and effectively. As a motivator and role model, Yusuf has a unique connection with his client that stems from his own personal journey toward wellness. At one point he struggled with weight and was determined to reach his goals. Through dedication and hard work, he did.

In 2011, he was selected as 1 of 2 personal trainers in New York City to be featured on the nationally televised MTV show I Used To Be Fat, a weight loss show centered around childhood obesity. Yusuf’s clients range from senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, to sports clientele and entertainment celebrities, as well as individuals simply looking to maximize their time in the gym. Yusuf’s passion for fitness, combined with his understanding of both individual goals and his keen understanding of anatomy has helped him create some of the most comprehensive training programs to date.

He is the Co-Founder of a New York City based not-for-profit Get Focused Foundation, an organization dedicated to strengthening communities, empowering minds and bodies and promoting healthy changes by providing positive solutions to the obesity epidemic in young adults. Get Focused Foundation creates a variety of signature programs and innovative events that help support young people and their families and recently responsible for creating the workout program for the Police Athletic League (PAL).

Mr. Myers is also the CEO of YMFitness LLC that creates customized lifestyle programming, promoting community, improving residential attraction, raising the retention rate and enhances an apartment complex’s value. His Our Program Design includes the basics fitness activities coupled with creative and innovative activities that was develop in response to residences’ request. The array of services designed to meet the individual’s Health/Wellness, Recreational, Nutritional and Social needs. Just recently, YMFitness has landed a contracted with Rose Associates, Inc. to enhance their amenities and provide wellness services to various buildings throughout New York City.

Mr. Myers has also partnered with Baked Butterfield (a subsidiary of Butterfield Market) to produce a line of protein donuts utilizing his personal line of protein products (Pure Results).


Marjorie Prado is a graduate of Post University, Waterbury Connecticut with a degree in criminal justice. She worked as a Correction Officer with New York City Department of Corrections and was a Division One basketball player while in college, and is a certified fitness expert. Her ability to teach ground and weight exercise to all age groups has made her a perfect candidate for the implementation of PRX14. With a keen understanding on how different types of bodies react to particular exercise. She has excellent supervision and instructional skills and this has afforded her the intuitiveness of a becoming a well-balanced trainer as well as exercising students without inviting injuries. Ms. Prado has a keen knowledge of fitness techniques and an in-depth ability to motivate even the weakest and least interested.

Her role with PRX14 is to prepare lessons and instruct participants on recreation and fitness activities.